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From time to time my mouse pointer jumps (relocates itself)

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From time to time my mouse pointer jumps (relocates itself) on the screen or moves to another screen. Swapping out the optical wired mouse itself does not help. This is on a Dell Inspirion 1505, Intel Core 2 Duo T7200, operating Vista Ultimate, MS Office Small Business.

Any thoughts?
I had this exact same issue with my dell desktop. This was particularly frustrating as I like to play games and it would randomly make me spin in circles or jump to one side of the screen, etc.

I had tried the following things, similar to you.

1: cleaned out the mouse thinking there might be dust or hair interfering with the sensor. No luck.

2: replaced it with a different cheap mouse thinking it was just the mouse. Didn't really make a difference either.

Finally, I did two things which resolved it for me.

First, I got a mouse pad that was made for use with laser mice. Secondly, I got a logitech mouse that actually has its own software that manages the mouse tracking. I went with a logitech MX 518, which also has extra buttons which allow for changing sensitivity on the fly or mapping other functions to the extra buttons.

I'm not sure if the mouse you were using or the mouse you replaced it with have high sensitivity ratings or what medium you are using the mouse on.

I have definitely noticed this problem with dells though, I have more than one and this isn't isolated. I'm not sure if it is something to do with how the dell motherboard drivers manage the mouse or what, but I haven't had any issues using the logitech. I couldn't honestly say if the pad is contributing, but the non-sliding surface and smooth tracking sure don't hurt anything.

If you are satisfied with the answer, please feel free to click accept. If you'd rather wait for additional opinions, let me know and I can opt out. I just felt compelled to respond because I've had the exact same problem with multiple dell desktops myself. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX luck.
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