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Give a difination of gene-point mutation. how is it responsible

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Give a difination of gene-point mutation. how is it responsible for sickle cell. sickel cell is a one letter change-what iconsequence does this have? give a defination of chromosome mutation. how is this responsable for downs syndrom? what goes wrong in meiosis? please could you help i am a level 3 health and socal studient at colluge and i will not be able to pay alot as i am not working and i an in colluge fulltime thank you os mush a very meture student a bit upset as this had to be in tomorrow morning . thank you mary c please answer as soon as possable

Gene point mutation is when a base that describes how to make a protein is changed. It is responsible for sickle cell because there is a replacement of an A by a T. The consequence is that the 6th amino acid in the chain becomes valine instead of glutamic acid. This results in abnormal hemoglobin and affects how oxygen is carried in the body. The mutated hemoglobin changes the shape of the red blood cells.


A chromosome mutation is when there is a change in the number of copies of chromosomes or an alteration in the chromosome structure. It is responsible for Down Syndrome because there is a trisomy (extra chromosome) in Chromosome 21. This is due to nondisjunction. This means that during meiosis, the chromosome pair did not separate.



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