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What is difference between information and communication?

Resolved Question:

What is the difference between information and communication?

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Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  JamesStone replied 6 years ago.
Communication is a process in which something is being imparted, exchanged, conveyed, or otherwise transmitted. There is a particular purpose or message that is intended in communication, and in some respects, an agenda.
In contrast, information is more akin to knowledge, something that is gleaned through studying, researching, or even communicating. The information itself is shaped by the individual interpreting it, but it isn't necessarily biased by agenda. Information would be considered more along the lines of factual, whereas communication would be largely subjective. Along those same lines, it is possible to convey information to another person with the intent of communication, but without the proper method find the attempt is ineffective. Communication attempts to create an understanding of the subject of the message, whereas information does not necessarily have a purpose until one is created for it by someone who interprets it.
Ultimately, communication is what creates purpose and meaning behind information. Without an effective method of communication, the dissemination of information would be much less effective in affecting change, raising awareness, or building consensus. Whereas one party may hold information in the form of knowledge, in order to convey that information effectively to others, communication is key. This is what allows information to be transformed from the mind of one person, interpreted, and stored as information in the mind of another.
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