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I am looking for information on Cornelius Campbell who died

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I am looking for information on Cornelius Campbell who died June 18, 1839. He was the father of Samuel Caldwell Campbell born 11/24/1822.


Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. Do you know in what part of the world they lived? Any more information (spouses, parents, siblings)?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In the Shendoah (sp?) River Valley near Edinburg, VA. Cornelius came from Scotland. Not sure if direct route. Cornelius married Martha who died June 27, 1864. They were the parents of my great-great grandfather, Samuel C. (Caldwell) Campbell who was 81 years, 6 months and 18 days old when he died 12/13/1903. Samuel married twice. His first wife, XXXXX XXXXX, was my Great grandfather's mother.(I have their marriage license.)

I've got Cornelius's family bible with other names in it...who I think are his and Martha's children. I believe Cornelius came to America when he was about 17 years old. And I think he came from the Glasgow area.

Sorry if I'm sounding scattered. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX (my middle name is, what else, Campbell)

Hi, Cammy,


Thanks so much for the additional information. My husband is from the Shenandoah Valley (although his ancestors were German and came in the early 1700s) so research there is a passion of mine. I will check around and see what I can find. It may be tomorrow (research takes time) so don't think I've forgotten about you Wink


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Okay...and I've found more!!!! My Great grandfather was trying to figure this out as well. Here's what he got: Cornelius Campbell born in Scotland, coming to America at age 10 years. Died at Union Forge, VA june 18, 1839, Age 71 years (bible says 71 years and 26 days). He married Martha Parsons of Wyth County, VA. She died June 27th, 1869 at Union Forge, VA 87 years. Martha first married John Heaton and had 6 children with him before he died. (I've all the birth dates of those children.)

Cornelius had siblings: Able Campbell born august 29, 1813 and died 1869
John born April 27, 1808 and died 1870
Andrew, born Feb 2, 1802, died 1851
Joseph, born Nov 21, 1819 and died May 30, 1842 of brain fever
Rutha born Sept 4, 1805 and died March 26, 1880
XXXXX XXXXX Fadely, born Jan 24th, 1817 and died 71 years of age
XXXXX XXXXX Tysinger, Born March 26th 1824, died 1889

Anyway, I want to get beyond America and into Scotland and I've hit a wall with dear old Cornelius.

Thanks so much....hope you have fun with all this!

Hello again,


I've been working on your family and not finding much.


You mentioned that Cornelius died 1839 age 71 which would make him born about 1768, came to the US by 1778, and probably married by 1790/95. You also mentioned some children that you referred to as his siblings. Aren't these really his children with his first wife (unknown name) - the first 3 or 4 children - and with Martha (nee Parsons) Heaton - the last 4 or 5 children? I don't know about Abel. The marriage bond for Cornelius and Martha is dated 20 Nov 1813 and Abel was born 29 August 1813. It wouldn't be the first child born before a marriage though so either woman could be the mother.


Andrew b 1802

Rutha b 1805

John b 1808

Able b 1813

Rebecca b 1817

Joseph b 1819

Samuel Caldwell b 1822

Mary C. b 1824


Samuel Caldwell and his two wives were easier to track. There were other Campbell families in the area (Caleb, etc.). Did your great grandfather have any notes about them?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I DID make an error! The names I listed were Cornelius' children.

My Great Grandfather was Joseph Calvin Campbell, and he was born 10/26/1852. "At the Old Forge, foot of the Massanutta Mountain, two miles east of Rude's Hill in Shenandoah Co., VA."

He had a brother, Milton Monroe born 12/29/46 died 11/27/37

I have JCC's copy of THE HIGHLANDER published in 1930 by the Campbell Association of America.

He's highlighted the following:
"North Carolina records Cornelius Campbell married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Ryan and wife Martha. Thomas Ryan's will in 1753 mentions his son-in-law, Cornelius Campbell and Capt. XXXXX XXXXX, who lived in Bertie County in 1753 and who was mentioned in will of his brother-in-law (through his wife) Henry McCullough in 1755, and in the will of John Harvey in 1754."

I"m not sure who this Capt. XXXXX XXXXX is...perhaps he's related to Cornelius?

He's also checked an Archibald Campbell "1842 York County, virginia, Archibald Campbell's wife was Mary C. Smith."

ANd also:

"Will of Cornelius Campbell, 1762, wife Elizabeth, children John, James and Cornelius Campbell. David Ryan and wife executors. Testators, XXXXX XXXXX, XXXXX Ryan and George Ryan." Looks like that's from North Carolina records.

Another pencil mark is" Archibald Rhea II, born circa 1720 d. 1774 in Augusta Co. Va and XXXXX XXXXX b. 1735 , died after 1777, married ca 1755 had Archibald Rhea, Jr. (III), married (1) Ann Humphreys, (2)Catharine Sevier

And there's a mention in the Virginia records of several Archibald Campbells, but it may just be the one..
1)Archibald Campbell, 1774, muster of Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. VA
2)Archibald Campbell d. 1796; among his children , John and XXXXX XXXXX.
3)Archibald Campbell in Caroline County, VA 1770.

And finally, in the Soldiers of the revolution listings, he's circled Archibalds in Virginia, New Jersey and Connecticut. And Samuels in Virginia and Vermont.

(Don't know what to make of all this, other than he was searching for ancestors in 1930 as I am doing now.)

.Also in Virginia, Records, there's a XXXXX XXXXX and Eleanor, his wife, land to John and XXXXX XXXXX, 1769.

Hopefully, this can unlock further treasures.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Other
I'm not sure if my person is still working on this. We've been messaging back and forth and I sent her some more details, but haven't heard a reply to them. I don't want her to get into "trouble" if I don't know the protocols yet. So, pardon me if I've jumped the gun.
Research takes time (often weeks to even years), and I've spent hours working on this in the 2 days since you asked the question. I will opt out and see if there is another genealogy expert who can meet your time expectations.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, no! I've no time expectations, I'm just ignorant on how this all works. JustAnswer posted that this was a 'closed' question and so I assumed that you were done. Wow, no. I'm sorry if I came off really impatient and in a hurry. I'm only opt out if you want to.

And if it's really taking forever and you feel you need further compensation, let me know about that as well, ok? I've spent quite a long time myself, but all I was doing was spinning my wheels on and my great grandfather's notes and a trunk filled with pictures of dead people I don't know but am related to! Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX much. I really hope you continue.

Please reply to this post so I know we're on the same page. Thanks.

Okay, I will try to clear up some of the tidbits that great-grandfather left.


  • Thomas Ryan who m Elizabeth Ryan (daughter of Thomas and Martha Ryan) was born in North Carolina 1732 and was still there in 1757. Thomas and Martha's other daughter Mary Ryan was married to Capt. XXXXX XXXXX, brother of Cornelius. The other Ryan children were David, XXXXX, XXXXX, and Thomas. David Ryan was the executor of Cornelius Campbell's estate in North Carolina in 1762. Since You note that Cornelius (d 1839 in Shenandoah Co., VA) was born in Scotland, this eliminates this North Carolina family from consideration.


  • To further muddy the water, there were also Campbells from Maine, Pennsylvania, and Ireland in the Shenandoah at the same time as and preceding your Cornelius.


  • The three Archibald Campbells from Virginia are three different men from different fathers.


I will write more later

A. Schuyler and 70 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I will be happy to click "accept" And I'll be happy to provide bonuses as soon as I figure it out. Thanks so much for the tidbits! It's such a mystery, isn't it??

I wish I could get come phtocopies of what I have to you. Here's something else I just found: It is from one of 2 books my great grandfather, JCC, had called History of the Campbell Family published 1920 by R.L. Polk & Co. He had a corner turned down and some pencil markings around the following:

"Rev. Alexandar Campbell, the founder of the "Campbellites," or Disciples of Christ, was born in County Antrim, IRELAND, in 1786; a son of Rev. XXXXX XXXXX who emmigrated to America in 1807. Alexander Campbell remained in Scotland to complete his studies at the University of Glasgow, and followed his father to America in 1809.....Alexander Campbell founded Bethany College in 1840...death in W.V. (penciled by my GG--the place of death) in 1866." a book published in 1906 about the origin and history of the name Campbell with biographies of all the most noted persons of that name, my Great Grandfather marked his little bio (he was a business man and banker...rather well known in Columbus, Ohio where he moved to ...anyway, he made some changes that were incorrect, i.e. inserting the name "Samuel" before "Caldwell Campbell" I mention that because it's where I found the information that their ancestors came from near Glasgow, Scotland. I'm assuming that if they did not come from Glasgow, he would have made a notation.

Looking forward to this adventure!

Yes, the Archibald Campbell who founded Bethany College was born in County Antrim Ireland in 1788 to XXXXX XXXXX and his wife Jane Corneigle. He came to the US in 1809 with his mother and siblings to join his father who had arrived in 1807. He married XXXXX XXXXX (daughter of John) in 1811 and had 8 children: 7 daughters and a son (XXXXX XXXXX Campbell). He married his second wife in 1828 and had 3 more daughters and 3 sons (Alexander, Wickliffe, and XXXXX XXXXX). XXXXX XXXXX was a huge landowner in Bethany, Virginia (now WV). Archibald Campbell died there in 1866. No relation to your Cornelius.



A. Schuyler and 70 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks...who knows what my GG was looking for with that one. Looking forward to learning more about Cornelius!
I will keep plugging as time allows. Tomorrow is a busy one for me, so I won't get to work on it again until Friday afternoon.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks! I'll be patient!!! Have a good night.

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