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A family member just found a marriage license for paternal

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A family member just found a marriage license for paternal great grandparents in Montrose, Dane Co. Wisconsin. Also listed on the license was the names of our great great grandparents. William XXXXX XXXXXon Drew, Groom, his parents showed Sullevan and Eragh Drew. George Ann (Stuart), Steward (spelling on license) Bride (originally from Scotland), showed her parents as George and Elizabeth Stuart (Steward) . These are the ones I am looking for in Scotland. George Ann (Georgiann, Georgiana, etc) we've been given a date of her birth as June 19, 1838, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, British Isles. How would I go about researching this?


Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. Actually, William XXXXX XXXXXon DREW (1819-1879) was the son of Samuel Chesley DREW (1783-1841) and Judith Ann EDGERLY (1792-1869) who were both born in Belknap Co., NH and died in Franklin Co., NY. William XXXXX XXXXXon DREW was married three times: to Hannah Marie SHERWOOD (1825-1848) in 1845 in New York; to Laura PEASE (1829-1858) in Wisconsin; and to Georgiana STUART/STEWART (1838-1906).


I will see what I can find on Georgiana's parents.




You can check out St. Cuthbert's parish in Edinburgh. There atXXXXXin the 1841 census were living:

XXXXX XXXXX 48 M b abt 1792

XXXXX XXXXX (probably Mary Elizabeth) 35 F b abt 1806

XXXXX XXXXX 10 M b abt 1831

Charlotte Stewart 8 F b abt 1933

Georgina Stewart 5 F b abt 1835

XXXXX XXXXX 1 year 6 months M b abt 1838


This is the only family that comes close to resembling Georgina Ann, Georgiana, etc.


Civil registration of births did not begin until 1855 in Scotland, so you will need to check the old parish records. Some have been indexed, but searching is something you will need to do in person or hire a local genealogist in Edinburgh to do for you. You can read more below:


St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Midlothian is Old Parish Register (OPR) 685.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What exciting news you sent. This could easily be our family. Would looking at census records for 1851, 1861 be a good way to follow the family. I thought the 1861 census would not have Georgiann in it, but perhaps 1851 would. Thank you for this wonderful lead. I will try to find census records for St. Cuthbert's parish in 1851. Yea!

I would be interested also of your opinion on my take of Wm H H Drew. Fun fun fun.....

In your original question it said "William XXXXX XXXXXon Drew, Groom, his parents showed Sullevan and Eragh Drew." Obviously those names are XXXXX XXXXX if such names actually exist. Could be just the transcription of poor penmanship and spelling. It isn't possible to tell without seeing it.


I did not see Georgiana in the 1851 or 1861 census for Edinburgh. Even expanding the search to all of Scotland, I don't see anyone who looks 100%. The 1860 Census for Blackwells Island, New York does have a GeorgiXXXXX XXXXX, age 25, b abt 1835 in Scotland, single, working as a servant.


Since William XXXXX XXXXXon's son XXXXX XXXXXon Drew was born 1858 in Wisconsin, presumably he was the son of W. H. H.'s second wife Laura PEASE who died in 1858. If the Georgiana in New York in 1860 was yours, then she and W. H. H. were married after 1860. The question is where - New York or Wisconsin. I would check Wisconsin marriages first, then New York.

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