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Dear Schuyler Did you receive my recent inquiry regarding

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Dear Schuyler: Did you receive my recent inquiry regarding ALBERT & GRETA CONDIT? Yours in friendship, Joan Leswing.



Evidently the question from this afternoon never came through. This is the only communication we have from you today. I will look around and see what I can find on Al and Greta. Was she really named Greta or is it a nickname for Margaret(a) or Marguerite? German nicknames typically focus on the last syllable (Greta for Margaret, Topher for Christopher) rather than Marg, Maggie or Chris.


Also, do you know Greta's maiden name? Anything about when or where Albert wwas born?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi: I really can't recall much more than this. These were my husband's family and I only met them twice. And now they and he are deceased. It was worth as try. I hoped for some information on the past Census Reports. I will try to put together some information about some other relatives: The Matlack family from Milltown, NJ. I am in the midst of selling my home and hope to have settlement in two weeks, so you can imagine the many tasks I'm trying to do. But I really am grateful for your effort to help. I will try again when things are a little less hectic. Many, many thanks. XXXXX

While i was waiting for a response, I found a likely family in the 1930 Census for Passaic, NJ living atXXXXX in Passaic.


Albert K. Condit 50 M lawyer

Margaretta 38 F

Albert L. 8 M

Henry V. 6 M

Thomas J. 4 M


When things settle down, let me know if you think this is the correct family.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.





Dear Schuyler: You are amazing! Yes, this is the family. Please let me know if you are able to obtain any further information. This is wonderful. Yours in friendship. Joan Leswing.

Hi, Joan,


Great! I thought that was probably them.


Albert Kitchell CONDIT (b either 12 Feb or 15 Feb 1880 d Aug 1970) was the son of Elias Mulford CONDIT (b 1841) and Sarah Louise BEACH who were married in 1870. Elias and Sarah had 7 children: Hattie May, Elias Mulford, Jr., Charles Beach, Phebe[sic] A., Clara L., Wilberforce[sic], and Albert Kitchell. In 1880 they were living in West Orange, Essex Co., NJ.


Sarah Louisa BEACH b 1842 was the daughter of Charles BEACH (1816-1864) and Susan LOSEY (1817-1898) who were married 15 May 1838.


Susan LOSEY (1817-1898) was the daughter of Ichabod LOSEY (1787-1861) and Sarah CONDIT (b 1788) who were married 27 Jan 1805. Sarah CONDIT (b 1788) was the daughter of Samuel CONDIT (1761-1822) and Hannah HARRISON (1764-1855).


Elias Mulford CONDIT (b 1841) was the son of Ira Harrison CONDIT (1808-1906) and Phebe Farrand MULFORD (1808-1900) who were married 13 Sep 1831.


Ira Harrison CONDIT (1808-1906) was the son of Samuel CONDIT (1761-1822) and Hannah HARRISON (1764-1855). He was brother of Sarah CONDIT (b 1788) who married Ichabod LOSEY (1787-1861).


I have scoured everywhere for Margaretta's maiden name and come up with exactly nothing. You can deduce from the 1930 census that they were married about 1920, but there is no way to tell where for sure, although Margaretta and both her parents were said to be born in New Jersey, so that makes New Jersey the top contender for the site of the wedding. New Jersey is one of those states that does not publish data online. Here are the details:








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