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I have been unsuccessful in finding my grandfathers mother

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I have been unsuccessful in finding my grandfathers mother and where & when his grandparents were buried. I have found little information .
William Heinrich b. on his greataunts farm: Sarah Rosina Bengel Guenther
Stockton Twp. Camden Co. NJ 27,Jun. 1885 there is no birth cert.
Grandparents : John and Sophia Katherine Bengel Genther list twice in Camden NJ City Directory. prior to 1890. He worked in the Chemical Plant & she was a hat dresser. Their hm. was the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Ave in Camden City NJ
He was absorbed into the family of his 1st. cousin Sophia Guenther Heinrich & her husband Carl( Charles) Heinrich.This took place after 1900. He took the place of: Daviv Wm. Heinrich b. to his cousin Sophia & her husband Charles. David is listed on the 1895 census in Camden City with his parents. He never made it into the 1900 census. My grandfather Wm, was again back on the farm of his birth but is enumerated with his greataunt Sarah Rosina Genther.
Sophia K. Begel Guenther weas b. in Wurtemburg 23 Jan 1823 & immigrated in 1852. Her dau. was abt. 25 yrs. old when Wm. Heinrich was born.
Hi, based on WWII draft registration cards, I am wondering if William and David William are the same person. Both were born in 1885 and the draft card has David William's wife as Anna and he signed it "William Heinrich". You obviously have a lot of information already, so I wanted to run this by you and see what you think before I keep going. Thanks!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



David was b. 10 June 1885 to Sophia & Charles Heinrich of Cooper St. Camden NJ.

William was b. on Sarah Rosina's StocktonTwp. farm on 27 June 1885. He was exactly 10 mos. older than his wife Anna Venier Stumm Heinrich.

The 1900 census list Wm .as William Hendricks great-nephew on the Sarah Rosina Bengel Guenther farm.

Wm's father was a farm-hand named Charles Heinrich who worked on the farm.

These names are XXXXX XXXXX my mother & I believing the impossible.

My grandfather Wm. attended Greenville School in Stockton Twp. until 1/2 way thru 2nd grade. He was pulled out of school & sent into Camden with his maternal grandparents. He was taught German and took piano lessons. He could carry on a conversation in German & even corrected my piano practice.

None of Sophia & Charles J. Heinrich's children were fluent in German.

( I have Sophia K. Bengel Genther's little diamond pin) Apparently Sophia G. Heinrich was named for her aunt Sophia K. Bengal Genther. When in 1926-28 she died she gave my mother the pin. A jeweler verified the era of the pin being circa 1880. Sophia G. Heinrich had many granddaus. so there was no reason to single my mother out ,but to give her the pin of her great grandmother.

I do have a lot of miniscule information. But nothing tangible. All of her generation of G(u)enthers were buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Camden NJ. I cannot find a grave. I have not been able to get my grandfathers school record. I have not found his grandparents death or marriage certs. I do have approximations though. In 1898 the C.J. Heinrichs moved from Cooper St. Camden to the farm, without David. Sometime around that time John Genther died. The family was looking for a place to send Wm. By 1900 Wm. Heinrich moved into the tollhouse with his cousin Jake Guenther ( on the farm) & his new wife Jenny Madison & her mother. After a few yrs. Jake sold his farm & moved away & Wm. (for the 1st. time) moved in with Sophia & Chas. Heinrich .

During his growing-up years ,as close as we can figure ,Wm. spent 1 1/2 yrs. in the C.J. Heinrich household. By age 16-17 C.J. Heinrich sent him out as a farm-hand to earn a living elsewhere. By age 21 he was working on a farm in Moorestown NJ & would take a trolley into Mercantville to Stumm's Bakery & Ice Cream parlor & met his future wife- my grandmother.

Yes, the Heinrich family said my grandfather was David. But, the stories never quite matched. My mother left the name of Wm.'s mother blank on his death cert. because we do not know the truth of her identity. And again no death cert. We presumed she may have died when Wm. was sent into Camden to live.

I have been working on this "FOREVER".



Hello, I will send you the link to the draft card. It lists 27 June as the birthdate. Actual name isXXXXX but he signed his name William. Let me know what you think.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hello, I have a copy of the draft card, also his Masonic application , and the marriage certificate.

My question was where are his grandparents buried & when did they die.

John & Sophia K.Bengel Genther.


My grandfather used David after his 1st cousin Sophia died, because he took on the persona of her son David and became the executor of her will.


For Sarah Rosina to be Wm.'s great aunt, was she a sister to John D? The information I keep running across with other people is that Sarah Rosina was John D's daughter. So that would have made her an aunt to William, not a great aunt. Also, the birth date is wrong on the 1900 census for the Wm. Hendrick listed as the g. nephew. Still working on this. These are just details that I keep getting snagged on.
Hi. I'm sorry but I think I'm stuck. Short of ordering records from the State Archives, I'm not sure I can go any further. I do have a couple of emails out to other researchers who seem to have a lot of information about this family, so I am still hoping to get some information to you. Just wanted you to know the status.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hello, Thanx for the effort. Sarah Rosina Bengel & Sophia Katherina Bengel are sisters also w. Anna Marie.

Sarah R. & Anna Marie m. brothers Guenther; while Sophia m. John Genther. No relationship between John with the husbands of the other 2 sisters.

I put "a line" out there on Find-A Grave at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden NJ hoping someone has found her ---- nothing.

I have not been able to get the school record from either Camden City or from Pennsauken Twp. (Stockton).

Anything you or another expert can suggest would very much be appreciated.

I really do hope I hear from you as to what path to take.

Hello, I found out that Harleigh Cemetery supposedly has the Evergreen Cemetery records. I have put an inquiry in there and also emailed the Camden County Historical Society because I believe they have those records as well. Hopefully, I will hear something soon. Thanks.

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