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Were either of the parents of Alda Alameda Balch (married to

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Were either of the parents of Alda Alameda Balch (married to George Marcy Gaylord in Wisconsin in the late 1880s) of Menominee (or other Native American) ancestry?



Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. Alda Almeda Balch was the daughter of William Balch whose ancestry traces to England and Adaline Smith whose parents were traced to England and the Netherlands, respectively. I don't see any Indian blood whatsoever.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your efforts, however,I knew, before contacting Just Answer, that Alda Alameda Balch was the daughter of Elmer Balch Sr., but I don't know the name of Elmer Balch Sr.'s wife. Oral history, combined with with physical characteristics, had told me that Elmer Balch Sr. had married a woman of Native American ancestry in Wisconsin. I had known three of Alda's siblings, three of her nephews and neices and three of her grandchildren personally. All nine exhibited Native American physical characteristics and came geographically from near the Menominee Nation in Wisconsin. I was seeking some hard evidence so I will keep seeking. While some of Elmer Balch's ancestors were likely from England, living great grand children have never known him as William.

How unkind of you not to mention who you thought her ancestors were. That can cause an expert to waste hours of time pursuing a wild goose chase. It's like being asked to search for Wilson Reagan with no other information. However, in this case, it isn't a wild goose chase, and there aren't any Native Americans in the family tree.


In any event, here is the 1870 census for Burns, La Crosse, Co., WI


William Balch 45 M Farmer b VT

Adeline Balch 29 F b NY

Alda Balch 19 F b WI

Francis Elmer Balch 6 M b WI

Willie Balch 3 M b WI

Ida Balch 2/12 F b WI


1860 Census - Sparta, Monroe Co., WI


William Balch 35 M Farmer b NY

Adaline Balch 19F

Clara A. Balch 6/12 b WI.


Evidently William Elmer Balch and Adaline XXXXX XXXXX were married in Wisconsin about 1859/60. The records are not available online.


Adaline/Adeline XXXXX XXXXX was the daughter of Albert W. Smith b 1817 Steuben Co., NY d 1895 Richland, WI and his wife Henrietta Swartout b 1820 Steuben Co., NY d 1849 Portage, WI. The Swartouts are of Dutch ancestry. The remainder were English.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you very much. I'm sorry for making you angry by not supplying enough information in the beginning. Unlike you, I'm not a professional genealogist and I'm obviously not a very good client. Can you access information about the marriages of

1)Elmer Balch Jr. (son of Elmer Balch Sr.) and Lucy Gaylord (daughter of George W. Gaylord and Hester Ann Marcy) and 2) Alda Alameda Balch (daughter of Elmer Balch Sr. and sister of Elmer Balch Jr.) to George M. Gaylord (son of Geroge W. Gaylord and Hester Ann Marcy)in WI? My paternal grandmother, Jessie Jane Gaylord (b. 1892) was the daughter of George M. Gaylord. Her paternal grandfather was George W. Gaylord and her maternal grandfatther was Elmer Balch Sr.

Apology accepted. It was more miffed than angry :-) Thanks so much for the accept and the generous bonus.


Unlike many states, Wisconsin doesn't publish many records on the internet - not even for people who are long dead, so the details aren't available. Here is the link for obtaining the records (birth, date, marriage) along with the price list:


Clara Adelaide Balch (1859-1894), sister of Alda Almeda, married David Alfred Gaylord (1852-1930). In David's obituary, it was mentioned that he was survived by 5 brothers: J. L., I. A., Eugene, George, and Alonzo. The latter two were living in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was also survived by three sisters, Mrs. Frank Morise, Mrs. Frank Creviston, and Mrs. Elmer Balch (probably Lucy Gaylord) of Gronlid, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Here is the link to burial information to William Elmer and Adaline Balch:


Be sure to check all the links. Also be sure to note that the person who posted the information neglected to add Elmer who married Lucy Gaylord to the family though.