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I need to have line numbering on the right side of my document.

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I need to have line numbering on the right side of my document. Found this:
I seem to be tantalizingly close but can't close the deal. I get all the way to the last step and it doesn't work. I run the VB code and get numbers on the left. Then, as instructed, I add the line to the "Immediate Window" but nothing happens. I run the script again. Nothing happens---numbers stay on the left. Now, I know *nothing* about Visual Basic and macros. But I looked everywhere I could, including other help articles this article linked to, to see if there's something else I need to do to "activate" or "run" (or whatever the proper verb is here) the content of the "Immediate Window." Can't find anything. I'm so close! Help!

When you "add" the lines to the immediate window did you press "enter" to execute the code?


The steps enumerated in the tips page work. I just confirmed it twice.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your quick reply! I re-read everything and now I fear I've confused myself. The instructions start with a series of steps that are all executed in standard Word dialog boxes or in the Office Language settings. Then in the middle it says
"Remember though, it is not section alignment alone. For line numbers to appear in the right margin you must set the section alignment to right to left "and" have a right to left script language enabled. This can be demonstrated using VBA in the following manner."
Does this mean to do all the following VB work too? Or is it just a "demonstration" of an alternative manner of doing the same thing as was acheived with the dialog boxes, etc.?
An added wrinkle: I'm operating in a Windows Server 2003 (R2) environment, i.e. a terminal server instance that looks and works just like XP. Would that mess up the functionality of this?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Another piece of evidence that I'm not sure makes a difference: In the MS Office 2007 Language Settings, when I select "Hebrew" and enable it, it says "Hebrew (limited support)". Now, even though that's there, when I fire up Word again, I do see a directional option in the Page Layout dialog and the buttons in the ribbon, as you depicted in your screenshots, so I figured it was fine. But just wanted to check.

I think you are getting close. Your OS shouldn't matter. Perhaps the page is a bit confusing because "no" you do not need any VBA to achieve your result.


All you need is:


1. A right to left language enabled.

2. A right to left section direction setting.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok... well that's relieving... if only it worked! I have enabled Hebrew in the Language Settings. In Word, I put my cursor in the section I want right-sided numbers, I go to Page Setup [dialog] > Layout [tab] and for Section Direction: I select Right-to-left.
I also add line numbers from the dialog box below.


But I'm still not getting right-sided line numbers. I just get nothing!
If I switch the Section direction back to Left-to-right, I do get left-sided numbers.
I'm going crazy!


I don't know what else to tell you. If you find a way to send me the document I will try to look at it for you. I can't provide direct contact information in this forum.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Posted to Google Docs, but not converted to Google Docs format. Should still be in MS Word 2007 ".docm" format. Also, I set it so no sign-in required. Thanks for helping me. If you can get this to work, it'll be worth every penny to me.

No joy there. Did you see the feedback link on the web page for line numbering?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
When you say "no joy" do you mean the link doesn't work? Or you cannot download from Google Docs? Or what? I can send you the full link on your website if that's preferable. Or can I somehow actually send you the full document through your website? I'm confused as to what you want me to do.

By no joy I mean that without seeing your actual Word document then there isn't anything else that I can do for you. The rules of this service prohibit me from providing you a direct means of communicating with me. Silly? Yes, but rules are rules.

Greg Maxey and 21 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well thanks for fixing this through other channels. You've been incredibly helpful and patient.

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