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I am interested in investing in a company that has given me

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I am interested in investing in a company that has given me a prospectus and subscription offering. They have also stated that the company is proceeding toward an IPO. Is there any way I can further research the company before I invest?

The name of the company is Oz Forms Technologies, Inc.
Their website is
Their address is Dell City, OKlahoma.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

This seem like a legit company. Don't think an IPO will happen that said, it's not the time for such a thing right now. Also you need to ask them about how much they plan to make and when are they going to give a dividend (if they don't know that then they are not serious or competent). The biggest ?? in this is the cost of energy as it's dependent on transportation cost (those thing are heavy) and concrete price (concrete take big amount of energy to be made).

The profit margin for this should be similar the concrete septic tank industry, so you can research this for return on investment estimation. The volume produced will not be as big that said, so if too many investors are present it may be a problem as this is only suitable for tornado prone area (not for fire or flood).

I found that structural analysis you may find interesting:
[click me].

I really wonder why they want to do an IPO as they initial production ramping cost and storage of product must not be that high. I always suspect self paying bonus when i see "IPO" and a CFO that is also a Lawyer.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Martin,

Thank you for your input. You have obviously done some "homework" on OZ.

However, my question is more particulaly:

Are there any governmental authorities(like SEC or Oklahoma Secretary of State etc. that would have information as to the status of filing as a Public Company and/or where OZ is or what point they are at in the IPO process.
The SEC EDGAR database would have any filling the company make (i have found none under their name, so no Form 10K, no registration statement ). Their site mention Darian B. Anderson will handle the IPO but they don't mention any Underwriter investment bank yet to handle the IPO offering. You can always contact Mr Darian and ask how advanced the procedure is.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Martin,

So sorry for the delay in responding to your answer. Thanks for your input.

Can you clarify...Is there any public record and/or disclosure of Oz Saferooms Technologies, Inc. Yes? or No?

If there is or is not... where would someone inquire?...and When would information regarding these types of companies become public?

Thanks for your help.
I did not found any record showing the IPO is on it's way, so the answer would be no (not with the SEC yet at least).

I found that document that indicate how much they plan to raise with the IPO: As you may notice, this is greatly preliminary.

They have this number for IPO information:(NNN) NNN-NNNN

For more information you need to contact DARIAN B. ANDERSEN: (NNN) NNN-NNNN(office) (NNN) NNN-NNNN(home)

You may ask them to put you on a mailing list to inform you on any news concerning the IPO.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Dear Martin,

Thanks for your prompt response. However, the question that I previously asked was...

WHERE does someone inquire as to any public record and/or disclosures on these type of startup companies?; and

WHEN or at what point does this information/ disclosures become public??

Thanks for your help.

It will show in the SEC EDGAR database:

As for when, that is usually decided by the underwriter investment bank doing the emission. So far i did not saw who the underwriter will be (it may be in your prospectus that said). They usually give a target time and advise on when an IPO would be the most profitable.
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