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hi, me again do have records from africa that,s were i think

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hi, me again do have records from africa that,s were i think my grandfather family came from

Hi, Lorraine,


We may or may not have the particular records that would include your grandfather's family. There is no way to tell until someone looks. For that you would need to supply his full name, date and place of birth, and the same for his parents.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
my grandfather name Melville Corbusier thre was one brother george that i knew sister Susan there others but i nener knew the,ido not have much about the family ,

Do you know what country in Africa? Records are by country, not by continent. Of course slavery began in Bermuda in the 1500s so tracing them back to Africa may be impossible.


There was a XXXXX XXXXX Corbusier christened 27 Aug 1781 in Smiths Parish, Bermuda. His mother is listed as Mary Susan Corbusier (b abt 1843 Bermuda). No father is listed.


Helena Thompson Corbusier christened 02 Nov 1884 daughter of Ann Susan Corbusier. No father named.



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