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Chris Miller
Chris Miller, Internet Researcher
Category: General
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Experience:  Master's degree in social work, computer knowledge, strong math and science background
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I need the answers to exam 40632600

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I need the answers to exam 40632600

Hello, and thanks for the question.


Here are the answers to exam #40632600 for comparison with your own.

1. A. Fourth

2. D. Insanity

3. C. FBI

4. C. Civil law

5. B. Rehabilitation

6. C. The Uniform Crime Report

7. B. Anomie

8. D. stop and frisk a suspicious individual.

9. C. good faith

10. D. Common

11. B. the doctrine of legal guilt.

12. A. Sigmund Freud

13. D. Social structure theory

14. B. Self-report surveys

15. D. the evidence is in plain view.

16. A. overcriminalization.

17. C. Crime control

18. C. Sixth

19. D. felony.

20. C. criminal anthropology.


Hope this helps!

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