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A friend of mine in Los Angeles is writing a book about his

Resolved Question:

A friend of mine in Los Angeles is writing a book about his father who flew planes in the 30's . In reviewing all the information he kept from the family to write his book, he came across a reference to another pilot called the "Flying Grandpappy". We have spent considerable time attempting to find out who this pilot was without success. Apparently his father purchased a plane from this person in the New Mexico area back in the 30's. If you can help uncover any information about the "Flying Grandpappy" I would be pleased to pay your service plus a bonus.

Thank you


Dr. Charles Berg [email protected]
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 6 years ago.


The only Pilot that I know of that carried the name of Pappy during the war was Greg "Pappy" Boyington who the Black Sheep squadron was based on. He was also known as the Flying Grandpappy. You can read more about him here:


I hope this helps as the time line is correct and the tilte that Greg boyington carried was Pappy to his squadron. Joan

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for a job well done so fast. Turns out my friend just remembered the mans' name was Max Conrad!! Not sure but still investigating.



Expert:  Joan replied 6 years ago.


Max Conrad was known as the "Flying Grandfather". This is some information on Max Conrad:

I am sorry about the name mix up. If you I had given me the Flying Grandfather, as the name I would had this information earlier. Now you have information for both gentlemen. Joan