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Does anybody know of any decent work from home jobs Besides

Resolved Question:

Does anybody know of any decent work from home jobs? Besides the regular service phone companies? Any like accounting like jobs?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer. The job market is still not embracing job at home yet (that would be the best way to burn less oil). Company like to have control over their employee and prefer to have employee "at hand". When looking for online job you must understand why those job are online in the first place. The employer don't do it to give more liberty to the employee but to save money. For that reason salary are usually under average and many job alone are not enough to earn a living (you often need to take many, not that it matter as you don't have to travel).

So, the ideal is to take a major online job with "OK" pay, and fill the monetary gap with 1 or 2 minor online job.

You can apply here at as a minor job (or any competitor in the field that i can't name). You can try

For accounting job, what every one i know did is work for a company for 3-4 month in their office for 3-4 month, to be sure you are OK and then they allow you to work from home. So you can do a normal job search like that and ask in the interview if this is something they would allow. Usually, restaurant having no office (or any companies with small or inexistent office space) will be more inclined to allow you working from home.

I don't know your set of skill but you could also program, write, farm, teach at home (piano, second language...), cook, keep children's at your house. There is also many sewing jobs at home.
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