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My category is sports, specifically, American Football.I

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<p>My category is sports, specifically, American Football. I am a soccer fan, but wanted to get "into" American Football , and I just watched the superbowl. I enjoyed it, and thought it was hot. I got some info from Wikipedia but I still have some questions please. 1) I understand each down they have 4 attempts to get at least to the ten yard line. a) what happens if they don't ? b) so potentially they can reach the 40 yard line by the end of the down then, and then what the opponents take a turn........and then the next time the first team has a 1st down , do they start from the 40 yards where they were at before or what ? 2)in Wikepedia it says that a touchdown gets 6 points, but on TV they got 7 . Why ? 3) why did the Packers get 3 more points, ie from 25-28, at the very end ? I was doing laundry so I must have missed something !</p><p>As for a bonus, it will depend on the answer I get ! And how long it takes !</p><p>we're going round and round in circles with this password XXXXX you're not recognising the temporary password XXXXX just gave me, and my e-mail addres is in the system for a very good reason.... I have often used it before here !</p><p>I don't use text messages...too many perverts out there ! may have my phone number, but why don't you just use my e-mail ?  It's only a sports question for crying out loud ! </p><p>OK...your e-mail /password XXXXX is not working properly... I don't usually have all this runaround.. I've paid... are you going to answer my question or not , because I can tell you it's not making a very good impression You have my e-mail address I don't know how many times already, so lets go !</p><p>ok I'm not filling out that e-mail thing anymore.,....I expect an answer by e-mail or on this page within the hour, or I will call Paypal and cancel.</p>
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Chris Miller replied 6 years ago.



Teams have four downs (attempts) to advance the ball at least ten yards from the initial line of scrimmage (starting point). If they make the 10 yards on any of the first three downs, then there is a new set of downs given for the next 10 yards. If a team doesn't make ten yards in three plays and is faced with fourth down, they will generally (a) punt (kick the ball away to the opposition) unless (b) they are close enough (opponents 35-yard line or closer) to attempt a field goal (kick the ball through the uprights--for 3 points), or (c) attempt to pick up the remaining yards (usually when they are very close to the goal line or behind by more than three points late in the game and need to continue trying for first downs in hopes of scoring a touchdown). If a fourth down attempt fails, they other teams gain possession of the ball.


A touchdown is six points, but there is typically a kick of 20 yards for one point after the TD. Teams may also try to run or pass the ball (from the two yard line for two points after a TD for two points (usually happens late in the game when a trailing team is trying to make up points).


The Packers kicked a field goal (3 points) and went from 28 to 31 points late in the game.


Hope this helps!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

How often do they change directions (goals )

That's my last question.

It was a great game, but it will take me a while to figure it out completely, plus it seems

like it would have been better with closer shots all the time, not just after an was very difficult to keep track of the ball !

Expert:  Chris Miller replied 6 years ago.



Sorry, I had internet connection problems last night and didn't get your reply until now. Teams change directions or ends of the field at the end of each quarter. The play clock stops frequently; for example, it is paused when a pass is not caught, when a team calls timeout, or after a team scores. A team might throw a long pass downfield and if it is incomplete (not caught), the ball is brought back to the point where it was positioned before the play (original line of scrimmage). In other words, the ball is not so much in constant play and motion as it usually is in soccer. Thus, the nature of the game is largely that of a slow march down the field in an attempt to reach the end zone (score a touchdown) or at least kick a field goal. Occasionally, teams do score on long passes, runs, or kick returns. From the perspective of someone who is familiar with soccer, the flow of the game may seem slow or disjointed. Keeping track of which team has possession of the ball and understanding where the ball is positioned (spotted) on the field can understandably be confusing. Hopefully, you can continue to enjoy the sport when it resumes in the fall. Watching with someone who is familiar with the rules is the easiest way to learn the game.


Hope this helps!

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