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I am starting a business that requires I call on about 500

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I am starting a business that requires I call on about 500 to 1000 customers in Texas, OKlahoma, New Maxico and Kansas. I want to call on these customers in a 30 to 45 day cycle. Some days I can call on 20 to 30 customers in a day when thay are in the same town or area. I also would like to be able to keep history and some notes on the account. (This may be asking to much and I can live without)
The most important thing is that I can be more consistant by keeping up with where I've been and where I need to be next.
Thank You

TaxTom :

Hello, First a note when you look at a typical day if you call on 30 clients that gives you only 18 minutes per client and that doesn't include travel time between clients. My calculation is for a 9 hour day with no lunch or breaks. The best solution would be contact software such as , this one of many and prices will range from $30.00 to several $100.00 dollars. You will need to make sure the version you buy support you client base (be able to keep track of between 1000 and 2000 clients). You can also do a spreadsheet on excel and you would break each state into sections and each section would be broke down into days of the week and clients in that section, this lets you track the clients but is much harder to keep notes. Also if the company doesn't provide you with a paper list of all clients you may want to make an index card file as a backup so if there are technical dificulties you will be able to call on your customers. On these cards you would only keep vital contact information and the most important notes on a client. Thank You Tom

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The information is fine for organizing contacts I'm sure.

My question originally is an affordable ($500.00 to $600.00) GPS that will hold 1000 locations or more and can have 20 to 45 routes over a 4 state area.

Hello again, Sorry I read the first part about getting organized. You are looking for a truckers GPS, Garmin makes one for $469 and available for much less on Amazon . This unit offers 1000 favorite locations. Since you are traveling is some very open territory there will be place where your GPS may not get a signal, also being plugged into your auto will give you a better signal. Thanks Tom
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This is very good info. but it's specs say 15 routes and 1000 favorites


Do you know of a GPS that has more than 15 routes?


I would like a route a day or I can combine days that is not a problem. Do you know how many locations per route? I have a GPS with 10 routes but only 10 locations per route.

Hello again, I think the Garmin is the best solution even though it doesn't meet all your specifications. Cobra also makes one but is just say multiple routing and doesn't give a particluar limit. Thanks Tom
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