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My kid sister and I have plans to visit our sister and new

Resolved Question:

My kid sister and I have plans to visit our sister and new baby Niece. Our sister informed me that my kid sister and I will be expected to prepare dinner one night that we are out there. We're only going to be there a couple of days. I thought that this is a little tacky. Is it? I already said ok about the cooking. My kid sister is already thinking of ideas. As I thought about it during the day, we have not been formally invited. I want to go because I have not been to her house since her wedding a few years ago. I would also like to meet my new niece. Also as I thought about it, having my kid sister and I cook one night would be a nice change for our sister and her husband. Was that approach tackful or not? She send me a text message and the way she worded it is what threw me. Also our parents have had their chance to meet their new Granddaughter, my brother-in-law's parents have visited. I feel it's time for the siblings to meet the new baby. What are your thoughts? Thank you.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Teacher Editor replied 6 years ago.

Linda Roch :

I think this is a being tactless because you are a guest and if you offered it would be one thing, but the fact that you are expected to cook makes it sound like you're hired help, except that you're not getting paid.

Linda Roch :

With that kind of reception, I would not visit often and if she was really serious, I would take offense.

Linda Roch :

Obviously, you should go and see your niece but if she asks why you don't visit more often, maybe just tell her that you don't appreciate being told to cook. I'm sure you don't expect her to cook for you as you could go out and eat probably but she shouldn't expect you to cook at her house either.

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