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Question about church etiquette Im a Jewish woman, recently

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Question about church etiquette: I'm a Jewish woman, recently married [in a civil ceremony] to a Catholic man. I'm not affiliated with a house of worship. We are both in our 70s.

We will be moving to an apartment near the Catholic church he regularly attended before moving to a different city. Its services are on the contemporary side. I would like to accompany my husband to services while following the custom of my faith which forbids me to participate in the sacraments of another religion.

Is it permissible for me to sit in the rear of the church with the people who do not kneel? This is what I have done when attending weddings and funerals in Catholic churches.

Should my husband go alone the first time he re-attends his church? Should he make a separate appointment to talk with the priest about our situation? Thank you.

Linda Roch :

Different churches may have different etiquette standards. I think in this situation, you and your husband should schedule a meeting with the Priest. I am sure that he can come up with a solution that both includes your husband in the service and makes sure that you do not feel uncomfortable and do not look separate from your husband.

Linda Roch :

I have been in your situation and I have gone with friends to other houses of worship. While my friends may kneel and do other things during the service, I do not and most of the churches I have been to have others who do not as well. It really depends on the church and who is running the show sort of speak. I would meet with the priest and then go from there.

Linda Roch :

Good luck!

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