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My daughters AOL site has been hacked by someone who is sending

Resolved Question:

My daughter's AOL site has been hacked by someone who is sending out emails in her name to everyone in her address book. So far it's been relatively harmless; the emails, with "no subject" in the subject line, simply cite the internet address of an online Canadian drugstore ( that sells Viagra, etc. How can she stop this without abandoning her AOL address? Is there someone at AOL she can contact?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Teacher Editor replied 6 years ago.

Linda Roch :

Unfortunately, there is not a good way to find the people who do this and most of the time they are not found as they mask their IP addresses.

Linda Roch :

Tell her to change her password XXXXX something very highly complicated and see if that helps.

JACUSTOMER-n5g8a356- :

Can you suggest how this occurs? (How can someone hijack an AOL address?) Is there someone at AOL I can talk to about this?

Linda Roch :

They basically hack into the account by figuring out the password XXXXX going through the IP Of the email account and sending it out directly. While aol and other providers try to avoid this from happening, unfortunately hackers are out there and there is probably not one person at aol that you can talk to although you can try to contact aol at(NNN) NNN-NNNN

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