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Went to gas pump paid $49.96 in gas I noticed a day later that

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Went to gas pump paid $49.96 in gas I noticed a day later that I was charged an additional $50.00 dollars on my card totaling $99.96. I do have a receipt that says $49.96 but I do not have a receipt for the additional $50.00 dollar charge. I came to theses conclusions; someone after me got free gas, the machine is broken, or someone is robbing me. What should be my next step?
Hello, and welcome back to Just Answer.

Call your credit card company immediately, to put this additional charge of $50 into 'dispute'. They will investigate it and remove the charge if they find it to be fraudulent. All of your conclusions make sense, and you're right, that the business owner can most likely do nothing for you at this time (unless the machine IS broken and it is his responsibility to fix it), so your best course of action is to call and report this to your credit card company. They should have a toll free number with customer service representatives available 24/7.

I hope you're able to straighten this out and get the additional $50 credited back to your card!

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