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Okay I am looking for someone who is sharp with riddles. I

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Okay I am looking for someone who is sharp with riddles. I have had this internet riddle for two years now and it is driving me crazy. It is a puzzle involving reading a Bible to solve it, supposedly written by a lady in California in 1890 in response to a challenge, the answer is one word, 5 letters long, appears only four times in the King James Bible, an 8 year old supposedly solved it, something about created by God without a soul then had a soul, then God took it back Adam gave it a name, it was created before Adam, has no arms, feet, or hands it never knew the man Adam. Please help!!!!!
The answer is Whale.

Whale was created before man, Adam named it, it has no hands, arms, feet. God put a soul in the whale - Jonah, then took it out. Here is the complete text of the riddle:

What is one word and five letters that only appeared in the King James Version four times.

Adam, God made out of dust but thought it best to make me first, so I was made before man to answer God's most holy plan.

A living being I became and Adam gave to me my name. I from his presence then withdrew and more of Adam never knew.

I did my Maker's law obey nor ever went from it astray. Thousands of miles I go in fear but seldom on earth appear.

Hint: For purpose wise which God did see, He put a living soul in me. A soul from me God did claim. And took from me the soul again.

Hint: And when from me the soul had fled, I was the same as when first made. And without hands, or feet, or soul, I travel on from pole to pole.

I labor hard by day, by night. To fallen men I give great light. Thousands of people, young and old will by my death great light behold.

No right or wrong can I conceive. The scripture I cannot believe, although my name therein if found. They are to me an empty sound.

No fear of death doth trouble me, real happiness I will never see. To heaven I shall never go or to hell below.

Now when these lines you slowly read, go search your Bible with all speed; for that my name is XXXXX XXXXX I do honestly to you declare.

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