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Hi, I just purchased a 120 watt foldable solar panel. It

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Hi, I just purchased a 120 watt foldable solar panel. It has an attached controller with a cable. The cable ends are alligator clips. How could I attach this to my Xantrex 1500 powerpack battery that just has both AC and DC outlet plugs? Thank You for your help, [email protected]
Hello, welcome to Just Answer. You can charge it with the DC plug. You need to respect the polarity and must have a regulator never going over 12V DC . You should have a car DC plug coming with the unit that you can use (The polarity for 12 V DC sockets is center pin positive (+), outer collar negative (-).

Here is what the manual of the Xantrex say:

"Recharging with a Solar Panel

A 12-volt solar panel rated to produce a maximum of 12 amps can be used to charge XPower 1500 via the DC Power Socket. Once the solar panel’s DC plug is inserted into the DC Power Socket and the solar panel is placed in the sun, XPower 1500 will charge automatically just as with the AC Charger. With direct sunlight, a typical 3 Amp solar panel will charge XPower 1500 in about 24 hours. If the solar panel does not have a regulated output, disconnect it immediately after XPower 1500 is charged.

CAUTION: Risk of damage to battery pack A solar panel with an unregulated output left connected after charging is complete, or one with an output that exceeds 15 volts DC, can damage the battery

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi, Maybe I did not explain too well. What I want to know is how or what kind of a connector I can use to connect my solar panel cables which has alligator cables at the ends (the cables that look like a plier that when you squeeze opens up, the ones used to charge car batteries, one being red, one black that get connected to electrodes on top of the battery). My Xantrex 1500 does not have electrodes, but rather a DC outlet ( which resembles a cigarette lighter charger in a car) and a regular AC outlet which looks like a regular household outlet. How is it at all possible to connect the two, the solar cable to the battery?
I can't fit the very large solar connector, which as I explained looks like old car battery chargers into the battery outlets. Thank You for your help, With Best Regards, LPRaggi.
Like i mentioned, indeed the Xantrex use car cigarette lighter. You might be able to directly connect to the cable provided with the Xantrex or you can buy one and strip it and make a connector at the other end from 2 bolt (alligator clip hold well on them). You can screw them in a little piece of wood or plastic. The alligator clamp are probably black and red. Red is + and black is -. Just use it on the polarity i mentioned in my previous post. If you don't mind about the flexibility of the alligator clamp, you could cut them and solder this directly to a cigarette lighter cable (it would be more secure against short circuit from accidental de-clamping)

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