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2) Which of the following is true about make-to-stock processes

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2) Which of the following is true about make-to-stock processes?

A. Make-to-stock processes can be controlled based on the actual or anticipated amount of finished goods
B. Make-to-stock process is used when demand is seasonal and the firm does not have enough
C. Services by their very nature often use make-to-stock processes.
D. A and B

3) ________ is when the activities in the stage must stop because there is no place to deposit the item just completed.

A. Starving
B. Blocking
C. Buffering
D. None of these answers

4) An example of a business/industry that uses batch flow process structure is:

A. Automobile assembly
B. Heavy equipment
C. Commercial printer
D. Sugar refinery

5) The major decision variables in equipment selection are:

A. Flexibility
B. Labor requirements
C. Manufacturer
D. Both A and B

6) The type of processing structure that is used for producing discrete products at higher volume is:

A. Assembly line
B. Batch
C. Job Shop
D. Project

Hello Customer,


2. D. Both A and B

3. A. Starving

4. B. Heavy equipment

5. D. Both A and B

6. A. Assembly line


Hope this helps!


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