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I am putting this in General, not sure where it would go. I

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I am putting this in General, not sure where it would go.
I will be mailing some small items to a person in Nikolaevsk,
Alaska, 99556. I have sent items through UPS to Alaska before
and paid a normal delivery charge. I mailed a coffee cup and had to
pay $23.50 just for S&H. The post office was not any better. Do you
know a better service that can ship to Nikolaevsk, Alaska at a decent
shipping rate. UPS and Postal are the only 2 services I can think of.
Your answer could make 2 people very happy or darn broke. thanks
Hi, and welcome back to Just Answer.

The only other carriers I can think of are FedEx and DHL, but I don't know if you have these available to you or if they deliver to Nikolaevsk, Alaska. When I researched FedEx, the zipcode you mentioned is not included in their Alaska delivery chart, and yes, the surcharges/fees seem phenomally high! Scroll almost all the way to the end:

If what you're sending does not weigh too much and you don't mind if it takes a while to get there, I can't understand why both UPS and the USPS refused to ship it 'ground', unless it can only be physically sent by air, and also, you should have been able to choose 'parcel post' instead of Priority. However, because it is Holiday time, this may be why they threw more 'restrictions' on your shipping and it cost much more than in the past.

I hope you are able to find the least expensive way to send your items!

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