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i have found an old plate marked waltham silver co. quadruple

Customer Question

i have found an old plate marked waltham silver co. quadruple plate 20. i cant find any info on it. it is in very good condition and i would like to find out its value. thanks brian
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  dfm925 replied 6 years ago.
Welcome, Bryan.

The Waltham Silver Co.- very little info is available but this is what I found - probably was located in Waltham,Massachusetts. This location and the mark you describe were noted by my reference sources in 1890.

The "quadruple plate" refers to an unenforced/unmonitored/unregulated "standard," of silver plating at the rate of 20 dwt per sq ft. Most of the time, these words just are marketing tools.


The above mark is the one that dates 1890 and can be found on the internet. It matches the one for 1890 in my reference books.

The set below by Waltham is listed on


I have a hugh reference library and there is not more info available right now. I doubt this maker was in busines for more than 10 years in the late 19thC.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you!


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you, XXXXX XXXXX the 8c mark on the net but nothing else. i am really trying to find out if it has any value at all.
Expert:  dfm925 replied 6 years ago.
Yes, it has some small value as late 19thC plated silver piece.

My research of plated silver from this period, inidcates an estimated retail value range of
$35-50 for your plate/small tray.

I hope this helps.

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