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Is there a market for me to sell my Non-digital cameras and

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Is there a market for me to sell my Non-digital cameras and camcorders??
Hello, welcome to Just Answer. Sure you can sell them on Some non digital cameras sell well if they are good quality and wanted for their special features (they might be impossible to sell if they are just plain generic model). Analog camcorder can be bought to replace broken analog camera used in security system, so there will still be a market for them for a good 10 years. Just don't expect to get much for them unless it's semi professional equipment.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Martin--Is Ebay the only place to sell the non-digital equip? Are there any other other places??
Yes, or or, but ebay usually advantage the seller. If you don't want to sell online, you can always go to your local flea market and try to sell them there, but the chance to sell them will be lot lower than finding a buyer among almost all the planet.
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