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I live near a fire station and their fire whistle/alarm goes

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I live near a fire station and their fire whistle/alarm goes off all the time and the whistle seems to go on forever. It is very loud and annoying. How can I get rid of this public nuisance. I live in Allegheny County, PA.

I would like to send them a letter; but, my spouse prefers that I not rock the boat. I have had recent dealings with corrupt boroughs and I do not want to have any problem with my neighborhood, therefore, I wish to remain anonymous. Please help. I can't take it anymore!!!!!

Hello, since this is a public safety issue there is no way that they will change the alarm system they are using. My grandmother had a similar issue and we are able found some sound deadening curtains to hang in the room on that side of the house and cut the noise down considerably. Thank You Tom

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