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hello,iam a high school tennis coach. today was senior

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hello, iam a high school tennis coach. today was "senior ditch" day and i have 8 seniors on my team who did not come to practice with no 24 hr. notice. i was upset and was thinking of benching them for our next big match tomorrow or possibly taking them off the team...the under classmen players showed up to practice and i ended up asking them how do they feel about the seniors not coming today...they felt they wanted to win tomorrow and wanted the seniors to play to have the chance to win...i was thinking i would have the seniors run extra at next practice and let them play tomorrow since their absence also effects the players who showed up! i am asking you for your expertise. Thanks, Matt
Hi Matt, and thanks for your question.

As a fellow High School teacher, I can imagine your upset at the seniors not showing up at practice today. Even though it was 'senior ditch day', they should have notified you in advance that they were planning on not only ditching school, but also not attending practice.

I think you handled the situation very well, posing the question to the students who did participate in practice today, and getting their feedback/input about the seniors' actions. I agree that it would be best for the team for the seniors to play in tomorrow's game, and their punishment for not showing up for practice today, can be imposed at a later date. If you elect to have them run an extra lap at the next practice, that is a fair alternative. Also, make sure to let them know that you and the rest of the team were disappointed because they let you down by not notifying anyone they would not be attending practice, today.

Good luck and I hope your team wins tomorrow!

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