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How about a girls size 2 shoe, a little wide, with a high instep!

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How about a girls size 2 shoe, a little wide, with a high instep! Finding comfortable shoes this size is the thing desired greatly! Point me there!
Hi, Customer --

I know it can be scary ordering shoes online but by far the best selection (for width and other variables) is found at

I have successfully purchased shoes there for my four children and they all fit well -- they carry very well made shoes when compared to the ones found at Payless that fall apart quickly, etc.

Girls shoe brands: Jumping Jacks, Primigi, Umi Shoes are all good brands that will last forever, wear well, be comfortable and allow you to hand them down to someone. They can be more expensive but if you watch the clearance on zappos, you'll get some great deals.

Hope this helps!

Also -- a good site for discount children's wear that occasionally includes shoe sales is -- it's a free site but you have to register to see their daily sales.

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