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Where is the best place to find clothes, particularly pants,

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Where is the best place to find clothes, particularly pants, for a 4'8" woman with a large stomach? She has stomach problems, but in general is not overweight. Walk-in real stores are preferable, but, online and catalog shopping are also possible.
Hello and thank you for using Just Answer! I am familiar with a similar situation: large stomach but very tall shopping! Unfortunately, without alterations, many of the walk-in stores will not suffice.

The best stores for online shopping for petites with special needs such as stomach issues would be: They even have a section where you can send your measurements and get custom pants according to your perfect sizing!

Another option would be to search for yoga pants that are highly stretchy but in a petite sizing. Some companies such as JJILL offer such items but they are generally too long in length for a 4' 8" woman. I would suggest JCPenney, Macy's, the Gap, or Old Navy -- all of which have petite sections and often have casual or stretch pants that might work for you.

Another alternative would be shopping at Kohl's in the petite section but for maternity wear. Not all maternity pants have a panel for the stomach -- some look like regular pants but have considerably more ease in the stomach region. Also, maternity shirts are excellent at covering a large stomach while not necessarily looking like the maternity shirts of yesteryear where it was obvious one was pregnant!

Hopefully you'll find these tips helpful. If you have any further questions on this item, please reply. If you do find it helpful, please accept and leave feedback.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Wow! That's all great sounding advice! Debbie, my wife of 25yrs, has very limited access to such knowledge. I read your advice to her and, half way through I got a, "Wow!" and a big smile! We'll try tonight,and maybe take a trip to Vallejo, where there's Kohl's and an Old Navy (who's commercials we both hate) to check out this week. The more suggestions the better. Deb usually finds a perfect pair of pants in a storage bin in the back of a new shop that she get's for 6.99. Then, at a second hand store, find another perfect item, still in the box, under a pile of used clothes. Then... well, you get it. She would love to find a couple of pairs of soft denim pants, with a stretch waist band. She found a pair at Suzie's Deals where they get new items every day at 30% of retail. I searched and thought I found the same at QVC. We ordered 2 pair and they turned out crappy! Any suggestions on denim!
Denim is going to be a little tricker but you should still have some good options at Kohls or at JCPenney. I would suggest pull-up denim style pants (my own mother loves these). One of my favorite places to get denim inexpensively is your local thrift store. This will vary by state. For example, in Nebraska, the Goodwills sort their denim by size and you can walk in on Monday mornings and they have a new "color" at 99 cents -- browse quickly through the denim for elastic waist or go through the maternity denim section and you're good to go to quickly see whether they'll have anything that will help you or not.

In contrast, Goodwills in Texas don't sell anything under $6.99 or so and they offer no discounts on any day of the week for clothing. Also, here they are not sorted.

So, depending on your state you *might* want to try secondhand.

I still think -- even with denim -- you might want to call Lands' End customer service and get those "made for you" pants. The company would have them new at a relatively reasonable cost and would fit her perfectly as well as having a wonderful guarantee.

Sounds like you have a good bargain hunter on your hands -- you should be good to go! The thrill is in the hunt, right?!

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I would suggest Kohls or JCPenney (or even Sears) before Gap or Old Navy. You might even try the petite section of Dillards or Macy's as they have great clearance sales (really! Macy's had a t-shirt for $3 the other day!). Just gotta be willing to go back and "hunt" which it sounds like you are!! My kind of shopper!!

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