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My daughter is having there second child baptized. They want

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My daughter is having there second child baptized. They want my son who is a practicing Catholic to be godfather. He was married in a Lutheran Church. Does that make him ineligible to be godfather. My sisterinlaw is his godmother and she was baptized Methodist and the same church allowed them her to be godmother or prpbably not actually spoken as witness. Also, my daughters first child had a Lutheran godparent and the godfather was Catholic. We are doing a mirror of the first child s baptisium and the new preist in the parish is saying no. I don't get it, arn't we all supposed to be Christians or do I have to absolve my Catholic faith after 62 years. Frustrated and upset with my Church. Thank you Jim Jefferys


Most Christian Churches will not say anything about someone of a different Christian Belief being a God Parent. It is the Parents choice as to who they feel will give the support to the child. The Church during the Ceremony will require the Godparents to take certain vows as to continuing the Christian Education, to love and care for the child, and fulfill the role of Godparents. I believe the issue is residing with the Minister who is doing the Baptism. If the Minister or Priest refuses to do the ceremony you can always go to the head of the Parrish or Dioceses and see if something can be done. If that does not work, I would be checking with other Churches in the area about doing the Baptism. My son was Christened and Baptised and the God Parents were of a different religion and the Minister/Priest that officiated never said a word about a difference in beliefs as long as the vows to uphold the Christian education was continued. Joan

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