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Is there someone who could answer questions about Clutter Issues...I

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Is there someone who could answer questions about Clutter Issues...I always have so much garbage and clutter and just can't get organized...Do you have an Organizing Person?
Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. I can help you with organizing.

If you read any of the self-help organizing books, they will tell you to tackle your clutter room by room -- and to divide everything into three groups: 1) To Keep 2) To Discard 3) To Donate. I like to take the "discard" and "donate" items and either hold a garage sale to earn cash or sell items on Ebay. This always motivates me to keep going (and to not bring more "stuff" home!).

When you finally simplify your surroundings, it has a profound effect spiritually and often times physically as well -- it can be claustrophobic to have too much clutter and trash around.

What are your difficulties in organizing? Most often there is a root cause that gives a person the "clutter" characteristic. For example, I can't seem to part with a blanket or a dish towel because they remind me of home and security. What are some items you can't part with??

If you sold some of your things -- if possible -- would it help motivate you to continue clearing out your home?

Some of the best articles about clutter, organizing and hoarding are HERE and HERE.

Send me some of your specific problems and I'll help you tackle them!

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