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what is the fastest legitimate way to finish my degree as an

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what is the fastest legitimate way to finish my degree as an adult student - I completed the Associates Arts at a community college when I got out of high school and I want to complete my BA now.
Hi Customer, and welcome back to Just Answer.

Are you looking to attend classes on campus or online?

What will you be majoring in?

Thanks for all your additional detail.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I don't mind doing it online if it's a real program but I don't know how to tell which programs are legitimate. Otherwise I could attend classes on a campus but I don't have enough money for a college like the New School or NYU. Also, since I am already in my 30's, I would like to fast track it somewhat, if that is possible. (I am hoping to become a teacher through the board of ed special program.) Thank you for your help.
Hi again, and thanks for your reply with additional information.

If your goal is to become a NYC teacher, I believe there are programs that might help you get your B.A., so call the Board of Ed and inquire. You can find some helpful information, here:

Since you already have your Associates Degree, you should only need 2 more years to get your Bachelors.

You're right that the New School and NYU (my alma mater for my Masters) are costly. I think you should check out the City Universities (CUNY), which now do impose tuition (in my day, many moons ago, it was tuition-free), but it is much lower, compared to private colleges. If you are working full time, many schools offer night classes. You can apply for financial aid and/or grants at any of the schools, and being a New York resident, would give you an advantage.

Online schools would probably be your best bet for fast tracking, because you can move at your own pace. Most are legitimate, but make sure they are accredited. Again, they are usually not inexpensive, but they also offer financial aid. Find out what you will qualify for, when you call to inquire. In a field such as teaching, if you do attend an online school, or even if you attend night classes on campus, your last year or semester will include student teaching, so plan for that; of course that can only take place during the day, while school is in session.

You can learn about online or 'distance learning' schools that offer a B.A. program in Education, here:

I wish you much good luck in your future endeavors and admire the fact that you would like to become a teacher, a very noble profession!

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Edited by Cher on 10/6/2010 at 7:12 PM EST
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