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We are currently having trouble with our son (18yrs). Since

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We are currently having trouble with our son (18yrs). Since he got his licence about a month ago he has not worked but seems to always have money. Sometimes asks for some. Any way Sunday was checking our bank account & noticed 2 transfers from our acc. to his acc. Then I checked our credit card acc. & found he has been transfering money regulary out of our acc since early August. Seeing this we found him (at a friends ) and got him to come home. He told us that he had been arrested the previous week & kept in jail over night. The police had kept $1500, his phone & found drugs. He told us he was set up! Has to go to court in a month, and see a counslor. I think alotof stuff he told us was lies! Any way yesterday I recieved a call from a credit company about funds owing. This is a card I had not used for nearly 12 mths so nothing was owing so I thought. He must have taken the card out of my handbag & since begining of August has gradually drained it too. All up he has taken over $15000 from our accounts, I know its my fault for letting him know or find out pass words. Naturally my husband & I are very upset. He hasn't explained things to us yet. Said he will when he is ready. Doesn't seem to care about the hardship he has caused us, we just struggle by & work hard to get what we want. We have tried to keep ourselves there for him with out conflict to hopefully help/advise him.
What do we do? I think he needs to talk with someone - who? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, XXXXX
First and foremost Dianne, if you haven't already, you need to change all passwords and account info that your son may have had access to. It appears he has abused the privileged info you may have shared with him in the past and it is time to stop it.

You are right, your son does need someone to talk to, but so do you and your husband. Your son needs to try and understand what he has done is not right, but at the same need to try an understand where he is coming from, with some outside guidance.

Since he was apprehended with drugs, he may have a drug addiction and that might explain the large credit card bill in such a short time..........just assuming here.

Believe it or not, your local police might be the best ones to set you up with the right agency that can assist both you as parents, and your son. They will know of social counselors in your area that are well suited to assist you......after all the police see this more often than you do and know where the resources are.

Best of luck with this troubling situation....
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