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I am writing from New York City about a classsical musician

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I am writing from New York City about a classsical musician -- one of the City's best choral musicians -- who's dying of cancer and won't last long. Like most classical musicians, especially choral musicians, he's got virtually no money. An Ohio boy from Massillon, he wants to be buried with his parents. His only relative is a much older sister (in her 90's) who lives on Social Security.    Is there an Ohio foundation, interested in the arts or bringing back its native sons, or a government agency which might make a grant to transport his body home and bury him with his parents?
Hello, thanks for coming to Just Answer.

Your question really hits home for me, as I am also a choral conductor and that is where my true passion lies. It saddens me to hear of such a circumstance for this man. Let me try to help you with a couple of suggestions. These aren't in any particular order, and some may require a bit of work.

1. Contact the city council in the city where he was born/wishes to be buried in. Express the man's desire to be returned home and ask if they might be able to recognize his talents in this way in his field and their correlation to the city's local arts.

2. Contact the Ohio Arts Council ( They give grants to worthy causes and may be willing to take part in this.

3. Probably the best advice I can give, coming from a man in similar shoes, is to reach out to those he touched. Whether he worked in academia or in church music, there must be a large group of people who had the opportunity to know him and work with him both professionally and personally. If he was a church music director then you might contact the church he worked at. You may also contact the university he attended as well as their alumni association. These folks like to take care of their own, and if he is as well known as you say he is, I would think it would be fairly easy to appeal to the community to elicit support.

4. One last idea, which will take some volunteers and planning, is to hold a benefit concert. This could be with a church or university he was involved in. Ask the organization to hold a concert for him and take donations for the cause. This doesn't necessarily have to be an "extra" concert, but one regularly scheduled event might be in honor of him and donations could be accepted. This can be particularly impactful, especially if he wrote some music that could be performed at the concert.

Unfortunately, to most, a well known musician is just another person. I personally think trying to locate an agency willing to foot the bill for this may be rather far-reaching. Community support is your best chance in this regard and I truly do wish you the best in this endeavour.

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