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Are there any fortune 500 companies online willing to pay you

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Are there any fortune 500 companies online willing to pay you to work for them from home?
Hello, Yes some large companies have employees work from home but is usually after a relationship of many years before they extended those benefits. Most of the companies advertising on the net that say they have those jobs available do not have the ability to get you that job. What skills do you have that one of this companies might need? Also in todays job market most hires get their jobs from networking with friends, family and previous business associates. It is estimated 80% of jobs are not advertised and are filled by word of mouth. Thanks Tom
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have 2 years of retail experience, and 1 year experience at a daycare dealing with children. And, I also have 2 years experienced in cleaning(housekeeping) and 3 years of inbound customer service. I was wanting to know if I can realistically work from home for someone else or start my own bussiness from home with my experience alone?
Hello, There is small possibility that you can provide a customer service function from your home. One such company that lets you work from home is Amvet's. They look for people to call people and see if they have items to donate and to schedule pickups. They national office shows no opening so contact your local office and see if they have any openings. On the same note many doctors office hire people to call and confirm appointments. If you real have good people skills you can always turn to collections which is in this economy many companies need help with collection calls, most collection calls pay a percentage of money collected. As I said before most jobs are by word of mouth not by advertisements, so email your friends and family and tell them you are looking for work from home. Finally, advertise your skills as a customer service professional on Craigs List. Always be careful on all Internet transaction and meet clients at their place of business or a public place. Good Luck Tom
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello, Tax Tom! How do I give you a tip? I accidently pressed the wrong button.
Hello, You can come back to the question and add a tip but it isn't necessary. Thanks Tom

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