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hey cher thanks for that answer! I do believe it does exist

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hey cher thanks for that answer! I do believe it does exist and believe i have fallen under it. Financially my money is just all going down the drain, I have got 17 tickets in the past two months. My fiances mom does not like me, so I think it might have been her. I havent done anything wrong but it seems like she does not want to give up her daughter. This all started happening when I started visiting my fiance in her city more. I have been trying to get a stereo installed in my car for the last 3 months and money keeps getting wasted on it. My legs vibrate, I find my self always checking to see if someone is calling me. My private parts are affected by it. What do I do??
Hi again, and you're most welcome!

From what you're telling me, it does sound like you've encountered a string of bad luck. If you believe in black magic and think your fiance's mom may be causing your troubles, if she is into black magic, I would first suggest that you stop visiting your fiance in her city for the time being. Either suggest she visits you, or meet her somewhere near her home, but don't go to her home (or her mother's home).

There are people who claim to be experienced and knowledgeable in reversing black magic spells, so you might try to seek out such an individual in your area, who can do this for you, since you do believe in it. You also might find this helpful to do yourself:

It is said that thinking positively will remove the negativity from your life; if you believe you have been the victim of black magic, cleansing your mind and your home of negative thoughts and objects, might help. Once you start believing that things are on the upswing for you again, you might find that all that negativity will disappear and things will improve in your life.

I wish you only the best, XXXXX XXXXX future!

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