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State of Pennsylvania. I had a month to month lease on

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State of Pennsylvania. I had a month to month lease on a house. Well the lady entered my house and left me a letter. Well I withheld the rent and she took me to court. I said I would be out within the 15 days that they gave me at the magistrate. The magistrate specifically told the landlord that she could not lock me out even after 15 days without coming back to him first and getting an ORDER FOR POSSESSION. Well 10 days goes by and I go to get the rest of my stuff out and SHE LOCKED THE DOORS! Like changed all the locks! So I went to court and filed my own paperwork. I filed a TEMPORARY INJUNCTION and an ACTION IN REPLEVIN. The judge ordered for her to unlock the doors and let me in. He also ordered for the SHERIFF to be there. So come the day that she was aware of she sent me an email and said ALL OF YOUR STUFF IS OUTSIDE!!!!! So she sat my stuff outside in the middle of the street in the CITY OF PITTSBURGH! So by the time I got there stuff was missing! Stuff was broken! And right before this she threatened me. She said if I took her to court she would make a false report with CYS. Well guess what? SHE DID IT! The worker even told me that she did. So I listed out everything broken/missing and the cost and filed it. I have a court hearing coming up in a week or so. Total judgement is for like $4000.00. But my questions likely do you think I will win. And why cant I put punitive damages on this to teach her a lesson!
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Linda Roch :

I think you are very likely to win on the cost of the damage done to your property as she was not legally aloud to lock you out and thus ruin your property due to you not being able to pick it up. In terms of punitive damages, you can add them and if the judge wants to punish her, he may add them on. You can't lose anything by asking that they be added.

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