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Hi can you tell me if my mothers 18k 17 jewel MuDu watch is

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Hi can you tell me if my mothers 18k 17 jewel MuDu watch is worth anything it has a 9k excalibur strap visualy excellent but appears over wound ( circa 50s or 60s )
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer.

Unfortunately, there are not many women's vintage MuDu watches shown for sale at online sites. I did find this one, and it is in working condition, but as you can see, the bid is for 0.99 pounds:

If your mother's watch is not in working order because it is overwound, it most likely is not worth much; however, at this time, your best course of action would be to have it appraised in person by a vintage jewelry dealer and/or a jeweler in your local area, to get an estimate of it's current worth. In addition, if the watch can be repaired to work properly, this should increase it's value, should you decide to sell it or keep it to wear, yourself. If the strap is in good condition, you might choose to sell it separately, if it is found to be worth more than the actual watch.

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