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Is there a book written specifically about the Soros and Rogers

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Is there a book written specifically about the Soros and Rogers "Quantum Fund", including its famous bet against the British pound?

It's pretty common for books to be written about such things, but I can't find one yet.


Hello Customer,


You can click here take a look a look at the book Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead of the Curve, in which George Soros discusses the Quantum Fund and going up against the British pound.


Hope this helps!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There are many books on/about Soros, and they all talk about the Quantum Fund to some extent.

But I was hoping there was a book written specifically about the Quantum Fund and/or the British Pound bet. Just like there are books written about just about every other famous speculative endeavor (e.g. LTCM and their blowup in "When Genius Failed", or "The Big Short" which is about speculators who got rich in the Housing Meltdown).

Such a book does not exist?


Hello Customer,


I wasn't able to find anything specifically dedicated to the Quantum Fund of the British Pound bet. I will opt out so that other experts will have a chance to respond.


-Chris M.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've looked in to this more and I don't think a book was written specifically about it. I think maybe Soros's "Alchemy of Finance" is more specifically about that, but your answer satisfied the question.


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