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I cant remember how to gut a fish. how do I do it to grill

Resolved Question:

I can't remember how to gut a fish. how do I do it to grill it while I'm camping?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  10cowife replied 7 years ago.
Hi, Customer --

Thank you for using Just Answer! There are many ways to gut a fish, depending on the type of fish you are catching and want to cook.

Here is a general set of instructions for gutting a fish:

If you are catching rainbow trout (which is the fish I'm most familiar with), say, in the mountains in Colorado, the cleaning can be done in-stream and fried right at your campsite.

If you do not find the above links helpful, provide me with the type of fish you're catching and I can give you a complete set of specific instructions.

Expert:  10cowife replied 7 years ago.
I can also give my favorite for trout specifically.

Insert your knife tip in the anal vent.
Cut from there up to the throat area.
Insert knife under one gill plate in front of the first set of gills and cut the little triangle at the very front.
Put your finger into the fish's throat through the cut you just made
Pull straight out and the gills and guts should all come out in one piece.
There will still be a dark streak under a membrane along the back of the cavity that you opened. I like to run my knife tip down that to open it and then use a thumbnail to clean it out.
Rinse the fish well
Insert some lemon slices and maybe garlic into the cavity and put over the fire to cook.

Good luck with your fishing!

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