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I have no formal education, but am finding my role in sales

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I have no formal education, but am finding my role in sales to be growing. Locally, there is a well advertised college by the name of Walsh College for business. Im thinking of taking that because they have no prerequirements, no homework, class once a week. its a certificate based program called business 360.

anyone know of this college and believe that $1750 for the 9 courses is a good investment. money is very tight......
Walsh College is a legitimate learning institution and is fully accredited. Its business program appears to be a reasonably priced overview of a good many important concepts that could help you understand more about the business world. A certificate is not, however, the same as a degree. So while it may expand your horizons and point you in interesting directions as well as expose you to a number of areas in which you may find that you have an aptitude and an interest, in terms of a job search, it's not going to be no substitute for a business degree.
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