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How long does USPS forward mail from an old address to a new

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How long does USPS forward mail from an old address to a new address for a permanent address change?

Note, this is a business address permanent change. I thought it was for a year, but it seems like it isn't being forwarded anymore. Please provide the weblink for your information.




I have permanently changed my address, and it does seem as if the forwarded mail falls off after about a year. Temporary forwards have an end date (up to a year after the change) and permanent address changes do not----BUT certain classes of mail will cease being forwarded after a year or less. I will provide you the links that I have. I would also urge you to see the postmaster at your local post office to discuss any problems that you are experiencing with forwarded mail.


See "how long is change of address mail forwarded":{5c98ee50-a54f-11df-e112-000000000000}&event=1&view()=c%7Bc4a83870-d930-11de-674c-000000000000%7D&objectId=&eksObjectId=&objectType=Case&isJumpEnabled=f alse&isContentJumpEnabled=false&vendorKey=&objTitle=&versionId=4402&searchProperties=type:natural&naturalAdvance=false&allStr=&phraseStr=&anyStr=&noneStr=&keywordStr=&tTitle=&topicFromSub=&topicsORSubUrl=&report(0000)=p{fd8043a0-6973-11dd-e6c4-000000000000}&bcobjectId={e4ae5a10-6973-11dd-e6c4-000000000000}&search=change%20of%20address&topicAndSubtopic=Buying$ALL#howlong



Actual address change form:



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That looks pretty good, but I'm not sure it applies to business address forwarding. Can you find anything specifically mentioning this?

I apologize for the confusion of the website, but business forwarding is not covered specifically. However, on Form 3575, there is a choice for "individual" or "business", so the same form covers both situations. I have also verified via phone call to the USPS that the rules for forwarding (12 months for 1st class, 60 days for periodicals, 12 months for local packages. etc.) apply to business as well as personal mail.


Again, I apologize that this is not specifically referred to for business on the website.

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