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Resolved Question:

Thornton Heath Surrey CR7 7QX Email:[email protected] FAO: Customer Complaints On Saturday 19th June 2010 at approximately 1400 hours my wife, son &m I had been shopping in your store in Purely, Croydon. As usual we were all shopping separately as my wife was doing her mothers shopping as she is too ill to do so herself. My son Anthony was also doing his own shopping as I take him to your shop then take him home, and finally I was doing the family shop. When finished my wife and son went through one till and as I was a little behind I went through another to. They both waited for me at the rear of the shop and as I joined them I headed for the exit 10 or twelve meter’s in front. As I left the shopping area entering the new glazed exit come entrance area I felt a hand on my shoulder that brought me to sudden stop. On turning round I was confronted by one of your staff who abruptly demanded to see my receipt. There was no explanation no courtesy; I was stopped by a woman demanding to see my receipt which I promptly in a state of bewilderment produced from one of the bags. She then proceeded to grab my receipt, whilst still providing absolutely no explanation for her hasty manner. Looking at the receipt she began to fumble through my shopping. She then turned to me demanding to know where the other two people that were with me were. By this time my wife and son had caught up along with the hoards of other customers leaving and entering your shop. As you can imagine we for some unknown reason became a shameful spectacle being set upon by this employee in an extremely public setting. This woman then turned to my wife and son then demanding to see their receipts which she again grabbed. There was no suspicious behaviour, no alarm and absolutely no reason to stop us carrying on with our journey home. My wife asked why were being stopped but received no answer, catching up with the situation at hand I said that this woman has suspected us of thieving. The lady in question then turned towards us and announced loudly “no I do not” to which my wife retorted “then why are you searching our trolleys and demanding our receipts”. The woman then said that my son had asked for two extra carrier bags from the cashier after his shopping was finished. This was correct; he politely asked the next cashier as the one who served him was now busy as he had a heavy load of water to get to the car. This cashier was quite abrupt in demanding to know if he had done any shopping in your store; my wife assured the cashier that he had just being shopping as had she. At this point we were still being held in the entrance by this woman with no security, just this rude individual on some sort of bizarre power trip against an innocent family carrying out a weekly grocery shop. My wife, son and I were now totally embarrassed with many people looking on. We still had not received any real explanation so my wife asked who this woman was; she then advised us that she was in fact the store manager and that her name was Lyn. This woman then abruptly told us we could leave. She had not thoroughly checked our receipt and made no real attempt to correctly check our trolleys. This woman who is apparently a store manger then stormed back into your shop leaving us embarrassed and humiliated with every one staring at us. We went to the car to load the shopping securely and I then returned to the shop with my wife and we asked this woman for her name. She replied that her name is XXXXX XXXXX store manager. We have used your store for many years now which you will see by the activity on my Tesco card and I have been a very loyal costumer up until now. The duty manager, Lyn has a complete lack of customer service & customer care. She also demonstrated no consideration for the well-being of us as long standing customers. Our son was left shaken and upset by this incident. He attends a mental health hospital because he suffers from a mental illness and is currently in a recuperation period. Within which we are trying to build his confidence in being self sufficient by guiding him in carrying out his own day to day activities. As you can imagine a weekly grocery shop is part of this. This woman completely upset the balance of this. My wife’s profession is in the retail trade and I am a senior site manager and we are appalled at this total lack of customer care. Our families will not be returning to any Tesco stores until I and my family receive full recompense and this member of your staff is dealt with appropriately. I now await your reply to this most humiliating and totally uncalled for situation where as loyal customers are treated as thieves & criminals. After making a phone call to your store call centre (19/06/2010) I spoke to Fiona Thomas who informed me that L E Gerrard was the store manager. The duty manager for the morning was XXXXX XXXXX and in the afternoon was a lady called Carol. It appears that your store manager Lyn was not being truthful about the post she is holding. When asked for position she clearly said I am the store manager and when asked for surname she refused. The rude cashier who when asked for two carrier bags was obnoxious in her reply said her name was Lie also refused to give us her surname. I’m not sure what has happened to the Tesco Purley store but this is clearly a matter that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. I have attached to this email my receipts from the day in question and I would be grateful for a swift reply to this letter of complaint. And with decide what further action to take on this matter from there. Yours Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX L. Conaghan & Mr. D Conaghan Latest I have now written 3 letters to Tesco at first they admitted responsibility & their stall, but then they are covering for this incident. This woman came from behind me she grabbed my shoulder to stop me, I wrote saying this in my second letter & asked for the CCTV coverage mysteriously the CCTV can’t be found. This woman a Tesco floor manager assaulted me & insulted my family’s integrity I believe I have the right to sue Reg D f Conaghan<!--Session data-->
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Anna replied 6 years ago.

It sounds like your family had a horrible experience while shopping. However, you have somehow reached, which has no affilaition with the Tesco stores. This is a question and answer site. I may eb able to give you some information on reaching Tesco.

Their corporate telephone number is 08457 225533, and is answered 9am to 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 6pm Sunday. You can email them at [email protected]

If you wish to discuss this with an attorney, we do have a legal category, and if you request it, your question can be moved to that category.

I wish you success in getting some satisfaction with this issue.


Edited by Anna on 8/8/2010 at 6:08 PM EST
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