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What is general enginnering Im trying to advice my son as

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What is general enginnering? I'm trying to advice my son as to what to study when he applies to universities (in the UK). I know that there are various types of engineering programmes such as civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics; but what is general engineering? Is this the same thing as industrial engineering? What would general engineering qualify my son do with such a degree; i.e. what type of job could he get?

General engineering degrees usually lead to jobs in product development, testing, and the economics involved with those areas. Employment would usually be obtained with business and industry, and would be mostly indoor work, as opposed to working with highways, bridges, jets, buildings, etc. Many engineers start out with a general degree, then go on to obtain a higher degree in a more specialized field. The following article gives details about the various specialties and what kind of careers are available in each. It is by the United States department of Labor, but the specialties would be basically the same in any country.

There are shortages o engineers in all fields, so your son would be likely to obtain employment with any engineering degree. The specialty areas may lead to higher-paying positions. If you have more questions, just let me know by clicking on REPLY.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Anna,

Do you if 'general engineering' is the same thing as 'industrial engineering'? In the US, IE tends to be a well-defined degree. But for the UK universities, IE is not mentioned at all but they sometimes refeer to GE. For example, The Times' Good University Guide lists universities with programmes in general engineering, but there is nothing about industrial engineering. So I'm wondering if these disciplines of engineering are the same or different?
Industrial engineering tends to deal more with designing systems to work more efficiently, rather than working with products. I looked at a couple of UK sites describing General Engineering, and they defined it as being a course of study that give the student a good background in each of the specialty areas, so they can better choose which one they want to go into. You can read more about that here:

Industrial engineering si offered int he UK, but it appears it is not for undergraduate students. It is considered an advanced degree. This site has links to colleges and universities int he UK that offer the degree:

Hope this helps!

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