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I was contacted by email from this person. We started chatting

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I was contacted by email from this person. We started chatting online. We had been chatting for about 3 months before he asked for my address so he could send me something. He said he would be here shortly and wanted to have something special waiting for me when he got here. I didn't think anything of it and the packages started arriving. He said some were his, some were gifts for other people and some were mine. He wanted me to wait till he got here and he would know what went to whom. He asked me to open some of them two weeks ago and send them to him because he was giving them as thank you gifts to people he had gotten to know over there. That's the night I found out that he had used me to and I wanted all the boxes out of my place. My daughter took them to her church and donated all the clothing. The packing slips have names of other people on them. People who may or may-not live at the addresses listed. I don't know; the addresses are from all over the United States. What do I do with these packing slips. To me it's wrong if these people are being billed. I don't know if they were or not. I confronted the guy and he said that he paid for everything. I didn't believe him so I have cut off communication with him. He calls 2-3 a day hoping I'll pick up
Hi, welcome to Just Answer.

What has happened to you is indeed a scam, and if you found the name he was using on a website of known scam artists then that is further proof. These thieves use addresses of folks, like you, whom they have established an internet friendship with to send all these ill-gotten items. You can rest assured that anything that has been sent to you has been illegally purchased via stolen credit card/bank information or by scamming others. People from Nigeria are notorious for these types of scams. You definitely need to hold on to the packing slips you have, as well as any other merchandise left over. Contact your local police department to file a report regarding this. They will most likely refer you to the nearest FBI office as well. Any packing slips or merchandise you still have needs to be turned over to them. I would also suggest pulling your own credit report from all three credit bureaus to make sure you haven't personally been a target of anything from this man. I would also suggest signing up for an identity theft watch program like LifeLock (can be found online) to ensure your information is protected and your identity is not stolen. If you happen to have any further contact with this person then make sure to include that in any police reports you make.

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