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how many TV channels does the average person in the U.S. watch

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how many TV channels does the average person in the U.S. watch? What about households?
Hello and thank you for your question.

The only recent research I could find that directly investigated the specific questions you've asked is a fairly small and informal poll conducted by

The results of that poll indicate that the average american tv viewer regularly watches 16 channels, and that the members of an average household of four people collectively watch an average of 50 channels on a regular basis.

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Thank you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

These numbers seem extremely high based on research I know exists in the market (I just don't remember where). From what I recall, the average consumer watched between 8-12 channels regularly (I specifically remember the low-end being a single digit), with the average household watching a total of 16-20 channel (without young children) and 20-24 channels (with young children). This does not include "fly-by's," or viewing that takes place while someone is channel surfing.


I remember the numbers (ballpark), but need to cite a source in my presentation. Hence, I really need more specificity if possible.



Sorry these numbers weren't what you were looking for.

Unfortunately this is the only source I can locate that researched exactly the questions you asked. Anything else I can find asked other questions ("how many channels does the average tv viewer watch per day?" - as opposed to "regularly", or "how many channels does the average tv viewer want?")

I will opt out so that if any other expert can locate additional sources for data addressing the specific questions that you asked they will fee free to post it.

Best of luck with this.
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