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If i lost my virginaty at age 18 and havent had sex since,

Resolved Question:

If i lost my virginaty at age 18 and havent had sex since, which is going on 2 and a half years would that be considered really abnormal. I've had urges and a handfull of chances but it just doesnt interst me. What do you take from that, i need a lot from this!!!!!! pages and pages of meaningfull stuff,cause my lifes on the line along with my reputation.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Family Physician replied 7 years ago.
Are you male or female?

Are you involved in a long-term relationship?

You said that "my lifes on the line along with my reputation" - can you explain what you mean by this?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was a straight arrow back then. Through high school I was a straight a student until about senior year when I began smoking pot, and just didnt care cause i knew no matter what i did i'd succeed, but I dont feel that feeling anymore. Anyway I quit smoking pot becuz of the girl and for about 3 months we had sex about 3x/day or close to 3-5 hours. I gave her this sparkling diamond necklace for christmas, but she just gave it back with no explanation. My life is on the line because i broke into a bunch of cars and garages and actually a house with this other guy she absolutely worshiped before I was with her, just because i wanted her to feel for me what i did for hr because she had revealeved weeks before she was a virgin until they got together. Neither me, nor my family is not like that in any way, my father actually was the one who turned me in . Im still on probabtion for the next two months, but up until this point I was like every girls best friend. I was an angel. My real best friend for about 10 years' mother died of breast cancer which devistated not only me but the small town and my mother, of which she was good friends with. I seen that friend about a year ago and he told me that I took his moms death harder than he did. I didnt no what to think or say. I knew he had numbed himself with alcohol and drugs, and we were only like 16 at the time, but who wouldn't?? I called her 6 or so months ago and it was as if i didnt even exist. My family owns their own business and probabaly makes about 150k/year but im still a failure, and to my father college is out of the question, or at least his check book. I dunno I've been seeing a counselor as part of my probation but he just says the same thing over and over. I need an expert opinion, and some sort of explanation that u think is true. I have a huge amount of anxiety, but nothing really help except the clonazepam and excersize. But I need a therapists input/advise. Usually I read but I have no energy left anymore.
Expert:  Family Physician replied 7 years ago.
It seems that you do have a number of issues including your drug use, your legal problems and some elements of depression.

I do believe that a visit to your primary care physician, a counselor or psychiatrist would be appropriate at this time. I suspect that a combination of an antidepressant and counseling will be warranted.

You mentioned that college is "out of the question". In most parts of the country you can find very reasonable tuition at a community college. Typically courses are offered at various times including evenings and weekends, and tuition often is 1/4 - 1/10 the tuition you would find at a state university or private college. In my area, the tuition for the community college is about $110 per credit - this makes a 3 credit course very reasonable. Even if you take 1 - 2 courses each semester including summer you could complete an associate degree (typically about 60 credits) in 4 or 5 years.
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