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While Using Fb Chat, My Friends Are Telling Me That I Am Going

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While Using Fb Chat, My Friends Are Telling Me That I Am Going 'offline' This happens in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. I wil be chatting and they don't respond, so i sit there. Then, they will send a message from top left of screen and tell me i am offline.Sometimes they aren't getting my chats and sometimes i am not getting theres. I used to use msn messenger to chat, and now i might go back to that cuz this is getting too frustrating.
I sometimes will be chatting and have other windows open and switch back and forth-and sometimes i can still chat while doing this, but lately it doesn't matter if i am switching windows or only have facebook window open. More and more often, my friends are telling me i keep going "OFFLINE" when i am not. Please help me   I do not know if i have a setting wrong on browsers or what? thank you for your time in dealing with this issue, i hope you can help
It seems that either your Internet connection is slow or it is going in and out. This is really an issue with your Internet provider and not with your browser or computer.
Hi, welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question.

The reason you are experiencing this trouble is not due to any problems on your end, this is actually a glitch in the Facebook website. Users appear to go offline when they are indeed online still. While there is nothing you can do to fix it, here are some things that will help if you are in the middle of an important conversation:

-If the person you are chatting with is typing for a longer than usual period of time (where the typing icon appears next to their name) then send them a message to ask if they are indeed typing. This will get you back "online".

-If the person you're chatting with appears to go offline and you don't think they actually are then first click the bottom of the chat list (marked "chat") to minimize the list. Wait a few seconds then click it again. This will refresh the chat list so you can see who actually is online.

-If the person still hasn't come back on, refresh the page in your browser. This normally corrects it but you may have to close the browser and restart it.

This is a problem that has plagued Facebook for a while and still hasn't been corrected. If a conversation is too important to have to do all the things I've mentioned above to keep it active, you might want to use MSN or AIM for a better chat experience.

If you need more information, please press REPLY so I can help you further. If I have been able to answer your question, please press ACCEPT as that is the only way I am compensated for my time and research. Positive feedback is very beneficial to me and, if you are able to take a minute once the process is over to leave some I would greatly appreciate it. If you have reason to leave less than positive feedback, please contact me first so I can ensure you are properly assisted with your question. Thanks and best wishes!

Tyler, Professional Researcher & Musician
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 6067
Experience: B.M & M.M.. Skilled at in-depth research. Former police officer.
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