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My boyfriend is coming to town soon from out of town. Unfortunately,

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My boyfriend is coming to town soon from out of town. Unfortunately, due to my elderly parents, he can not stay at my parents with me.

I thought of putting in him at an Extended Hotel called Value Place in Rockwall, TX. It's $189.99 plus taxes and fees which comes out to $200 or so for a week. I like the Extended Hotel because we can cook there instead of eating out which can be costly. We will purchase groceries for this time to lower cost. We may be staying there up to 2 weeks. You have another idea?
Hi, thanks for your question.

An extended-stay hotel is often a good choice for this kind of situation since the duration of the visit will be somewhat long and I'm sure the two of you would like to have some place to enjoy some privacy. If you're looking at cost-cutting, another obvious choice would be to see if he could stay at a friend's or relative's house, but doing so for two weeks would most likely begin to wear out his welcome. Another option you can consider is to contact some apartment complexes in your area and see if they have a corporate apartment available. Many complexes have these set up for different companies who require their employees to travel often. A corporate apartment is furnished and includes the same necessities (in most cases) an extended stay hotel would like cookware and dishes. It might take some digging on your part, but if you found a complex with a vacant corporate unit that wasn't making any money, you might be able to work out a pretty good deal!

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